Hey Y’all!  Today is just a super quick post to show you how I added some pizazz to plain ivory tapers for my Christmas decor.  I had seen these candles on an e-mail from World Market, but because there are no locations where I live (insert sad face here), I decided to DIY them.  I suppose I could have ordered online, but it seemed silly to pay shipping for just a few tapers.  And while I am certain I could have found other pretties on the website to keep my lonely tapers company, I am not sure the Doctor would be as thrilled with that as I would be.

These were crazy simple – all you need is some plain taper candles, some painters tape, and my favorite buddy, liquid leaf paint.  Just tape off your candles in whatever pattern you want – I chose stripes, like this:

candles taped
since I was DIYing, I decided to space the stripes out more 🙂

and then paint the exposed portions with the liquid leaf.  I used a disposable foam brush to minimize brushstrokes and save me the mineral spirits cleanup.  Peel off your tape immediately to ensure clean lines, and let them dry on your super sophisticated drying apparatus (see, SOLO cups don’t have to be associated with poor college decisions!).  Drying only takes 10 minutes or so, but it’s important to let them cure for an hour or so before you use them.

candles drying
ignore the bottle of glitter in this picture – I decided not to use it.

As a sidenote, I chose to leave the top inch or so plain wax, so I could burn them some without running into the liquid leaf.  I am not sure how it will react to the flame!  If you want to burn these all night, I would suggest just banding the bottom with gold so you have plenty of plain wax at the top.

I love the modern glam vibe these have – they are such a fun touch to my Christmas decor.  Want to know the best part?  These were free to me, since I had all the supplies on hand.  Can’t beat that!

Tune in later this week to see how I used these, as well as a look at my 2014 Christmas decor.  As always, feel free to comment – I love hearing from y’all!

Till next time,


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